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The journeys of Prince of Wied

The last witness of Native American civilization was a Prince from Prussia. A feat that not even Alexander von Humboldt had achieved was accomplished by the Prussian Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied: in 1815, he ventured on an expedition along the Eastern coast of Brasil….

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Plüschow Trailer engl

Death in Tierra del Fuego

Death in Tierra del Fuego the forgotten aviation pioneer Gunther Plüschow In the First World War “The aviator of Tsingtao“ is the one-man air force of the German emperor in China. He is the only prisoner who ever succeed in escaping from…

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Pückler Terra X

“Prince Pückler” broadcast on ZDF

Terra X: Prince Pückler – Playboy, Pasha, Parkomaniac ZDF Sunday, 26th juli 2015, 19.30 Every German knows the Pückler ice cream but who was its creator? “Terra X” discovers one of the most eccentric aristocrat in 19th century Prussia: Prince Hermann von…

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Premiere of Prince Pückler

Our latest docu-drama will be aired on 1st of March 2015 at 17:35 on ARTE. „Prince Pückler – Playboy, Pasha, Parkomaniac” offers insight into the eccentric life of the famous park designer, dandy and world traveler. A film by Eike Schmitz and…

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CHAO LEH – Punknomads

Our film „ CHAO LEH – Punknomads“ is finished, and we have the first festival confirmations. “Chao Leh” is a song of the bavarian Punkband „Speichelbroiss“. It is a hit – but only in Asia. This is a film about the everyday…

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