Bougainville’s forgotten voyage 1766-1769

April 6th 1768 – French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville reaches Tahiti. An encounter, which will change the Island and Europe forever.
It is the first French world journey and the first scientific focused maritime expedition for information.
A young female botanist is also onboard, who dresses as a man and becomes the first woman to sail around the world. She discovers the globally known plants Bougainvillea and hydrangea.
And Bougainville’s report explains the myth of the south sea as paradise.

A Film by Philipp Griess and Mathieu Honoré
with Lionel Aknine, Bruno Forget, Antonia Labs, Loris Rizzo

28. September 2019 / 21:45 / ARTE

Bougainvillea and Hydrangea, Europe‘s best known ornamental plants, are the eternal witnesses of a tragic love story on a forgotten world voyage.
Before James Cook breaks open the French discoverer in the unexplored pacific.
He accomplishes the first French world voyage, nine days in Tahiti make him famous, his report explains the myth of the south sea as paradise, his journey became a prototype for all subsequent expeditions.
A tragic love story about the first woman onboard, who travels around the world. A big explorer … almost forgotten, just like her captain.

In 2019, there is the 250th anniversary of the return of the first French world voyage: Louis Antoine de Bougainville.