The Shakespeare Enigma

He’s the most famous author in the world, but did he really write the works transmitted under his name? Scholars have long tried to explain Shakespeare’s surprising success: after all, he had no university degree, no influential contacts and apparently owned not one single book!

He first attracted attention as an author in 1593, when the star dramatist of the day, Christopher Marlowe, was murdered under mysterious circumstances. The notorious Marlowe was about to be sentenced to death; was the murder staged so that he could continue writing under the name of the ambitious young actor Shakespeare?

The Shakespeare Enigma
Produced by Atlantis-Film for ZDF and ZDF Enterprises this entertaining “docu-thriller” will examine various theories concerning the identity of the author of “Hamlet” and “Macbeth”.

Premiere: ZDF Easter Monday, 25.04.2011, 19.30
Reprise: ZDF Sunday, 03.07.2011, 04:45