Luise Kimme – “I always wanted to sculpt Apollo”


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In her self-built dream house in Bethel, Tobago, she carves Caribbean dancers from German Oak, and has turned into one of the important representatives of Afro-Caribbean art. She´s one of the few people who have turned their dreams into reality and are able to share their experience in an exciting way. This is a timeless and fresh appeal to the courage it takes to live a self-determined life.


1994 – 2012
Length: 55 minutes
Directed by: Eike Schmitz
Idea: Holger Rusch
Assistant director: Doris Schilz
Camera: Holger Rusch
Sound: Marius Meller
Editor: Mathieu Honoré
Sound design & mix: Sebastian Reuter
Producer: Eike Schmitz
An Atlantis-Film Production
English & German / with English subtitles
Worldwide distribution: Atlantis-Film

Luise Kimme, an energetic woman from Bremen, moves between the worlds, between oak-forest and palm grove, working as an art-teacher at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Academy of Arts Düsseldorf) and in her workshop in Tobago.
The raw material for her large sculptures can be found around the idyllic village Kronenburg in Western Germany. Here one of the main Nazi leaders, Hermann Göring, had once founded the Meisterschule für Malerei (Masterschool of Painting).

Huge oak trees surround the school buildings, but many have been felled by the storm “Daria” in 1990. Out of those trees the sculptor, who is only 1´52 meters tall, creates elegant black dancers, which she forces from the wood with a chainsaw, a hammer and a chisel. It´s a fight against nature and ageing, a struggle against herself and the rules of the art world.

In a playful and unpretentious way, the movie tells the story about the life and art of a gifted artist who has created an impressive work of art apart from any political correctness, driven by her enthusiasm for the beauty of the Caribbean people and their folklore:
“when I think some guy is great, I carve him and then I have him for myself!”